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Please tell us how SBO can help you for bandwidth saving.

Packages and pricing

SyncSwitch SS7 Platform License is available for purchase for limited number of concurrency required by the customer. The concurrency is calculated per E1 basis. It is installed in customer provider server and collocation facility. The package includes -

  • License of SyncSwitch SS7 Platform for purchased number of E1 with all standard features and functionality available under this package.
  • Installation and post-installation testing.
  • Training and demonstration
  • 6 Months of free 12/7 SyncCare service which includes maintenance, monitoring on demand, Email, telephone and messenger support

After expiration of service agreement, customer can subscribe for support package for yearly, half yearly and quarterly.


For pricing, please request a quotation by clicking on the email icon at the right side.

How to Purchase?

Purchasing procedure is very easy. Please click on the email icon and fill up the form to send us your requirement. In reply email you will get an Invoice. Arrange payment for that invoice and we will install your service within 24 hours.

If you want to contact with us for any reason, please contact with us any of the following way.

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  • Send us email to

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